Monday 22nd June

- Opening session
- From Linguistic Descriptions to Language Profiles - Shafqat Mumtaz Virk, Harald Hammarström, Lars Borin, Markus Forsberg and Søren Wichmann
- Representing Temporal Information in Lexical Linked Data Resources - Fahad Khan
- Transforming the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries into OntoLex Lemon - Francisco Mondaca and Felix Rau
- Lexemes in Wikidata: 2020 status - Finn Nielsen
- Ontology based on Hallig-Wartburg’s Begriffssystem for Historical Linguistic Linked Data - Sabine Tittel, Frances Gillis-Webber and Alessandro A. Nannini

Tuesday 23rd June

- Annohub – Annotation Metadata for Linked Data Applications - Frank Abromeit, Christian Fäth and Luis Glaser
- A Lime-Flavored REST API for Alignment Services - Manuel Fiorelli and Armando Stellato
- Challenges of Word Sense Alignment: Portuguese Language Resources - Ana Salgado, Sina Ahmadi, Alberto Simões, John Philip McCrae and Rute Costa
- OntoLex-Lemon for Lexicographic Collections of Bavarian Dialects - Yalemisew Abgaz
- Terme-à-LLOD: Simplifying the Conversion and Hosting of Terminological Resourcesas Linked Data - Maria Pia di Buono, Philipp Cimiano, Mohammad Fazleh Elahi and Frank Grimm
- Closing remarks and discussion

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